Tuesday, 27 January 2009

You know you are addicted, too...

I just can't help myself. And I don't even like watching all this girl drama. But, man. Gotta love this show. I became addicted last season. It was definitely easier to watch when there was so much less estrogen flying.

Who are your favorites? Are you as glad as I am to get rid of Nikki, Shannon and Megan? I could have stood Lauren a little longer. But I was seriously going to poke my eyes out if I heard Shannon's whiny voice one more time. I absolutely love Jillian and Stephanie. But I don't think he'll fall in love with Steph. They are both so real, fun and zero drama. So, my prediction is Jillian. Has been for several weeks. We'll just have to see...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kelly Belly

So, here are the "belly pictures" you have to post, or you feel like you're not truly pregnant yet. I really don't mind the belly, but when I think about it these pictures were taken almost a month ago, and I'm 23 weeks now. Hmmm. It's going to get a lot bigger. Soon I'll be about as easy to hop over as I will to walk around. If I currently stand in front of the kitchen sink and reach my arm straight out, I can't reach the faucet. Pathetic.

Our other happy news is that we found out we are having a BOY! I knew it would be, so it wasn't a surprise. We are so excited!!! At first, I wanted a girl. But as time went on I really felt it would be a boy and I REALLY did want it to be a boy. Yeah!