Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Little Baby Kai

He's here! After being induced last Friday, Kai was born Saturday afternoon. I ended up having a C-section, which I wasn't thrilled about, but I'm just glad he's here now! I actually feel great and Kai is doing well, too!

He's such a sweet baby! A good eater, pretty good sleeper, hardly ever cries! Check out his 'tube socks'.

His little hat from the hospital didn't really fit, so this was the best my mom could find. Sheesh. Making a dork out of the kid already.

Love those little feet!

Ah, this sweet boy.

He loves his hair being washed!

Daddy with his "little guy".

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Do These Numbers Mean Anything To You?

Well friends, here I am on the day after my due date, feeling just peachy. I'd never thought I'd say that feeling fine is making me feel miserable! But I really can't complain. I really do still feel just fine. I'm 60% effaced, head is at station -1, and just about 1 cm dialated, which would result in a Bishop score of 6 for those of you birth buffs. We are scheduled for an induction on Friday, if nothing happens before that.

It's so funny to hear women's stories about how they got labor started. Everyone has a different method that they swear by. If you swing by the Chandler Mall mid afternoon, you may see me on my daily mall walk. The Kiosk people are starting to stare. I can hear them thinking, "Who is that large, short woman with no make-up that just walks and walks around everyday?" Meanwhile, I think back "Well annoying Mediterranean guy who attacks all passers by with lotion, it's me. I'd appreciate some respect."

Wow, this girl must be really bored. I'm starting to relate.