Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Arizona vs. Colorado

So, you may ask, what are we doing in Colorado anyway? Well, David found an amazing job opportunity with Icon Security. Ask me more if you want to live in a random city next summer. It is a ton of fun! We have met the greatest people and we get to explore a new city and state. We've only been here about a month, but here are some of my observations about the differences between these two great states.

Phoenix: dollar store or pharmacy on every corner.
Denver: liquor store on every corner.

Phoenix: logically ordered streets with corresponding directions .
Denver: twisty turny streets with no way to tell which direction you are heading...I could kiss the person who invented the grid system.

Phoenix: 112 means a great day.
Denver: someone told me it was SO HOT today at 90. Ha.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Family in Town

Last weekend, we had some company. My mom, Kacie and Derek came to visit. The highlights of the festivities were rock climbing, seeing the sights of down town (capital building, shopping, guys playing chess), red rocks amphlitheater, the butterfly pavilion, and more shopping.

Out shopping at the 16th street mall in downtown. We rode the light rail (which I call the monorail) there and back.

These are built in chess table in the middle of the walk way in down town. See the guy in the bandana, I beat him 3-0.

Rock'n and Jam'n!

David's inverted bouldering. Whoa!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Filipino National Past-time

So, the Filipinos LOVE to kareoke. They call it videoke (pronounced vidge-ee-o-kee) because random pictures flash across the screen with the words. I must say that I didn't have a chance to participate in this national past time on my first trip there, but I have since become hooked! This is a little arcade in a mall in Manila.

The Fabulous Philippines!

He actually let me do it. We saved up, bought the tickets and went back to the islands. Dave and I traveled with our friends, Whitney and Kamaili Bunn (she also served her mission there). We had THE BEST time. I got to see old friends, visit with President LeSueur, and see the tourist sights as well. The hardest part about the trip is the amount of time it takes to get there. It was Dave's first international travel experience, and he loved it! He actually became pretty good at the language, Tagalog. There are so many things that you cannot explain about this place, you just have to see how crazy it is for yourself. I had two favorite parts of our trip. I loved attending church in Binan, where I got to see so many old friends. Also, we went island hopping to Palawan. It is absolutely beautiful there. I can't wait to go back again! Although, I won't miss eating fish and rice for breakfast.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Colorado Summer

We made it! Dave and I are spending the summer in Colorado! He found a great job opportunity working with Icon Security. We are in a suburb of Denver and will be here until late August. I am loving it here! It is so beautiful and the high hasn't even hit 86 yet! HA! We have met a lot of really great people and are looking forward to seeing all of the sights that Denver has to offer.