Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Let's have some help here, ladies...

Sorry this post is just for the mommies, but I really need some advice. There are just so many things to figure out that I figure you can share with me what you already know and, I'm sure, have a strong opinion about. So, here we go.

Do I really need a basinet, crib and a pack-in-play? What is the deal here?

The stroller question. To travel system, or not to travel system. What are your thoughts?

Is a cheaper crib from Target or Wal-mart just as good as a full hard wood crib? What are the benefits of spending the extra money?

Getting to know your doctor...what are questions I shoud be asking to make sure we are a good fit?

Anything I can be doing now to prepare for breastfeeding, parenting a baby and/or really just surviving this time of life?

Thanks ladies! Just comment on anything you feel so inclined to comment on. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Our news...

It's true, we are expecting. Yeah! I'm so excited! Even though sometimes I feel more like this...

Actually, I've been feeling MUCH better lately! We are due about May 10th, so I'm about 3.5 months along. (I say it in months, instead of weeks for a reason. For those of us that have never been pregnant we haven't honed our lightning speed week-to-month conversion skills like the rest of you.) We are so happy and will keep you posted!

Blog Drop-Out

Sorry I've been such a lame blogger. I suppose I'm lucky you are even reading this. After checking back 4 times only to find the same old LOST post, you probably vowed never to check my blog again.

Whelp, we are back in lovely AZ. We LOVED our time in Denver with Dave's company, Icon. On our way back home, we made a few stops. Check them out.

My personal favorite, Four Corners on the Navajo reservation. They charge like 3 bucks a person to get in. I pulled up, thought about it and didn't think I had quite 6 dollars. So I hand them my mastercard, then get a look like, "What, do you think I get a phone signal in my hut out here in the middle of nowhere? Go by some frybread, dear."

Gotta love Dave. He humors my archeological whims when he would rather spend our tourist dollars elsewhere.