Monday, 29 June 2009

Back from the Dead...or uh, Birth

Hey Friends! I haven't had internet access in a while so I feel alive again! I am excited to be able to check out your blogs again! We've been traveling a lot with David's job, but we are all doing great. I can't believe Kai is 6 weeks old! I have had such an awesome postpardom experience. I feel great! Feels like things are back to normal (by that I mean finally catching up on the Bachelorette).

Here is a glimpse into his little life:

My Happy Face

Thriller (MJ Homage)

The Bed Bug

His Handsome Face

Bath Time

When Dad Does His Hair

Dreaming of Putting the Moves on a Girl Already?

A Quick Phone Chat

He Knows He Has Cool Hair!

Do you understand now why I am in love with this?