Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How did you do it?

Time has flown by and my little Kai-bug is already almost 6 months. SO...I NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO INTRODUCE SOLID FOODS. Let's hear it. Meat after rice. Don't try barley. Fruit last. I want to hear it all. We have started rice cereal a little bit. Mostly I don't know how to balance nursing with solids. You know you are a pro. Shower me with your wisdom.

P.S. If your comment isn't boring you yet, please share your feelings about bumbos/booster chairs/high chairs. Are they all necessary, when do you start using a high chair? Thank you and good day!

Monday, 9 November 2009

What would you pay?

My new favorite hobby is "COUPONING". You may be thinking that isn't a verb. Well my friends, yes it is.

I paid about 11 bucks for all of these items. Usually the diapers and foundation are that much EACH!

Guess how much I paid for all of these items?

I paid nothing! Seriously! They weren't a gift and I didn't steal them! He he. I used several coupons (including a big one for TRANSFERRING A PRESCRIPTION. If you take any medication, you really have to use these! I also used the Extra Bucks program.) I actually walked away with 1.26 left on the gift card I got for the medication transfer. So I was paid a dollar to buy all of these!!!!

So much fun! I love it!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

You got free candy...I got FREE CHIPOTLE!

For Halloween this year, we dressed up like mexican food. Why, may you ask? If you dress up like a burrito, Chipotle will give you a free burrito. We decided to push our luck and dress Kai up like the bag of chips to see if we could also get free chips and guacamole. Worked like a charm! (I guess it didn't hurt that his good looks were wooing each and every employee.)

Dave made all of the costumes. So many hidden talents in this man!

Pleat for ease of movement. (He thought of everything.)

Truthfully, I've never liked HALLOWEEN. However, now that I have a darling child to dress up...things may begin to change.